Virtual Classroom

Training in the Allgeier Education Virtual Classroom

Maintaining education despite school closures & corona quarantine

The corona virus is currently not only paralyzing the economy and trade, but the education system has also been massively affected: Precautionary measures such as quarantine for teachers, pupils or entire classes are important in the fight against further spread; nevertheless, school closures, cancelled lessons or quarantine measures massively disrupt the operations of schools.

Allgeier Education offers the necessary infrastructure that makes digital education in virtual classrooms possible: face-to-face instruction from home based on simple technology and cloud solutions.


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Virtual teaching solutions in the main examination period

In view of the imminent final and school-leaving examinations and the important class level transfer phase, pupils, parents and teachers are rightly concerned, because the education system does not seem prepared for a long-lasting impairment due to the current health situation. Virtual classrooms, such as those already in use in other European countries affected by Corona, offer a 100 percent safe working and learning space for students and teachers – an emergency plan that helps to prevent changes to duty rosters, substitution lessons or lesson cancellations.

This is how Allgeier Education's digital education solution works:

Apart from a PC, a stable Internet connection and a headset, the learning participants do not need any other hardware or software: The virtual classroom works on all operating systems without installation and is transmitted completely crash-free.

Digital timetable

The learner receives a digital timetable with access to all school subjects.

Virtual classroom

With one click, the students enter the virtual classroom of the respective teacher.

Everything according to plan

The current timetable does not need to be changed.

The advantages of the Allgeier Education concept are obvious:

Digital educational solutions - using the possibilities and opportunities of digitalization

Digitization stands for success in economy as well as in education and training: Allgeier Education creates opportunities for individuals and the entire school system with smart, digital solutions such as virtual classrooms: online tutoring, digital additional lessons and location-independent learning offers point the way to an educational future in which school management, teachers and students benefit from the opportunities of digitization.

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