Self-determined and ambitious learning

The digital transformation poses challenges for every company – especially in the area of personnel development and knowledge transfer. For a modern corporate culture and sustainable competitiveness, the Allgeier Education Learning Platform meets and exceeds content and technical requirements that can often not be met with on-board resources. 

During development, we have consistently focused on best practice models. Thus, our digital campus provides a mature framework for excellent online training – secure, stable and tailored to the needs of your company.

Learning culture =
growth culture

Learning success as a corporate goal: We make digital learning quantitatively and qualitatively measurable. Our education controlling provides you with a valuable tool for controlling employee development and thus the added value of your company.

Training à la carte

The perfect complement to the Allgeier Education Virtual Classroom: on our digital learning platform, every participant helps shape their learning progress. Individual pace. Individual focus. Maximum result.

40 interactive learning formats

Methodological diversity: Learning is individual and should be joyful – because that’s when it’s most effective. Thanks to various interactive formats we can optimally adjust the setting to each type of learner and – if necessary – adapt it even during the ongoing training.

Mobile learning - any time, any place

User-friendly and flexible: As a fully responsive application, our online training courses run smoothly on any smartphone or tablet – and of course on the desktop. With their different focal points, all modules are consistently geared to simplicity, safety and stability.

Certificates and gamification

Performance with tailwind: Positive feedback through badges and scores strengthens motivation along the entire learning path. With our certificate the participants receive the Allgeier Education Quality Seal at the end of the training.

Accompanying communication

Individual instead of one-for-all: With personalized video messages, we accompany each participant through his or her entire learning journey. A unique form of communication and appreciation.

The right format for every need! Our online training platform.

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