But not frontal teaching.

Training in the Allgeier Education Virtual Classroom

The personal note

Our heart beats for a learning supported by a trainer – because nothing beats a productive, personal connection. The Allgeier Education Virtual Classroom (AVC) is the contemporary version of synchronous, technology-supported learning. It opens up the possibility for a truly individualized training, which contributes significantly to increasing personal performance and corporate success. 

Trainings at the AVC take place as personal coaching or in small groups and are geared towards a deep involvement by each participant. Our experienced trainers are among the best in their field – which is regularly confirmed by the enthusiastic feedback from participants and satisfied partners.

Mobile meetings

In the morning at the desk or in the evening on the sofa: The trainings run stable and safe on all mobile and desktop devices.

Highly personal

Top-class talk: The active exchange with the trainer intensifies the learning process and strengthens motivation.

Effectively integrated

Self-study meets live training: Thanks to a variety of methods and intelligent didactics, each participant can work out a suitable learning-rhythm in order to achieve his or her personal goal.

Dialogue instead of meeting

1. Maximal interaction

Speaker in full screen or gallery view

2. Plug and talk

Connect by computer audio or by phone

3. From whiteboard to survey

All standard features of a virtual classroom

4. Connect while under way

Dial in and participate hassle free with mobile devices

5. No installations, no crashes

Open linkroom and go ahead

The right format for every need! Our online training platform.

Find the training program that suits you! Browse through the general language category in either German or English for the job as well as our workshops.

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