Vorbereitung auf die
Fachsprachenprüfung für Ärzte

Subject-specific intensive training

Ready for testing - incl. simulation

You are currently working or you soon would like to work as a doctor in Germany? You are already working or would like to work as a doctor in Germany soon? If only there weren’t that language exam! We can take that worry from you. With German for the job: Vorbereitung auf die Fachsprachenprüfung für Ärzte you will learn everything you need. You will learn what exactly to expect in this exam, discuss the possible contents and extensively simulate the three parts of the exam.

Our proven combination of live video sessions with your trainer and individual self-study phases on the Allgeier Education Learning Platform offers you a balanced and motivating mix of methods. During the live video sessions you simulate the exam and receive helpful tips, while during the self-study phases you consolidate your skills with interactive tasks.

Best of all, your training can take place anywhere, because it is 100% digital. All you need is a mobile or desktop device and an internet connection.

Previous knowledge

from B1.2

Number of participants

1 to 6 participants

Live video sessions

36 teaching units


36 teaching units

Previous Knowledge

Completed level B1.1 (CEF) required.


  • Live video sessions train all skills in real time: speaking, listening, reading and writing
  • Self-study to prepare sessions or to deepen and consolidate new knowledge
  • Specialized contents for medicine as well as high practical relevance for quick transfer


49 € / teaching unit with personal coaching (plus VAT)
54 € / teaching unit for in-house groups (plus VAT)

Course Content

  • Medical language examination
  • Structure of a medical history conversation
  • Leading symptoms
  • Communication of laboratory results
  • Clarifying talks – structure and legal aspects
  • Patient introduction
  • German Health Care System
  • and much more

Trainer Team

Our trainers are highly experienced in conducting preparations for the medical language exam and will shape each session according to your individual needs. Because the closer the training simulates the exam, the better prepared you will be in no time.



We will be happy to help you with your assessment!
Write to us, call us! Phone: +49 211 545 563-50 or info@allgeier-education.com

Email us, call us! Phone: +49 211 545 563-50 or info@allgeier-education.com
We focus on individual support and discuss with you how the training can best be integrated into your everyday life. We also assess your previous language skills and make a personalised offer on this basis. Once you agree, we will provide access to your learning materials and design your very own training plan.

You can book your training session either as individual coaching or as a group. It is important to us that each participant gets equal opportunities to express themselves – therefore there will be a maximum of five other people in the group in addition to you.

Your live video sessions will take place in the Allgeier Education Virtual Classroom (AVC). It is the contemporary version of synchronous, technology-supported learning platform. On a regular schedule (e.g. one weekly 90 minute session) you meet your trainer in the AVC.

The material for your self-study units can be found on the Allgeier Education Learning Platform. It is user-friendly and flexible – all you need is an internet connection. Interactive videos, texts and much more are available for you 24/7.

You will quickly notice your learning progress yourself, but in order to objectively ascertain your learning level we also have tests that check your development and acknowledge it with a certificate. If required, there is also the possibility of an analysis of your digital learning outcomes, which show you your learning performance over a longer period of time.

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