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Would you like to learn German again or deepen your knowledge? Will you need English more often for your job in the future, since not much has been retained from school? Whatever it is – we have the right digital training solution for you! Browse through the general language category in either German or English for the job and our topic-specific workshops.

In the general language section you will find training that is classically based on GER levels. They could be exactly what you are looking for if you want to complete your training with an official certificate or even an external exam.

In the section „German / English on the job“, you will find training courses which require some previous knowledge and which in particular prepare you for the use of the language in a certain professional context. You can also find out which level suits you best for the individual training sessions.

In the workshop section, you will find crisp five-week training sessions that teach you a single skill such as telephoning or negotiating in the desired language. Click your way in to see the various options!

The good news: all our courses are 100% digital. That means you can study anywhere and don’t have to be anywhere specific. So you don’t invest more than the actual training time.
In most cases your training consists of two elements:

Live video sessions with your trainer and self-study phases on the Allgeier Education Learning Platform.
For educational reasons, we recommend a regular rhythm for the live video sessions, e.g. once a week for 90 minutes. The learning platform gives you the opportunity to work 24/7 at your own pace.

If several course formats could be interesting for your employees or if you need any further advice, we are more than happy to help and are at your disposal! Contact us on: +49 211 545 563-50 or by email: